Health & Safety Assessment

Take this quick 8-question survey to find out your organization's level of safety maturity. You'll learn where improvements might be made to healty and safety policies and practices.

How often does each practice take place at your organization? If you have more than one location, answer for the site where you work regularly.

*all questions are required

Health & Safety Practices Rarely to never Some of the time About half of the time Most of the time Almost always
1 Formal safety audits at regular intervals are a normal part of our business.
2 Everyone at the organization values ongoing safety improvement in this organization.
3 This organization considers safety at least as important as production and quality in the way work is done.
4 Workers and supervisors have the information they need to work safely.
5 Employees are always involved in decision affecting their health and safety.
6 Those in charge of safety have the authority to make the changes they have identified as necessary.
7 Those who act safely receive positive recognition.
8 Everyone has the tools and/or equipment they need to complete their work safely.

The Health and Safety Assessment is based on the Organizational Performance Metric from the Institute for Work & Health