One is Too Many

Safety level
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In the What Matters Most campaign, workers and employers return home safely. All too often, this isn't the case in Nova Scotia. We are reminded of the human impact of workplace tragedies, which continue to unfold far too frequently in our province. This campaign, and the Workplace Safety Strategy,  aim to create a Nova Scotia where workplace tragedies are a thing of the past.

Day of Mourning

Every year, on April 28, we honour those Nova Scotians who do not make it home safely at the end of the workday. The International Day of Mourning commemorates workplace tragedy and its impact. Learn more here, and make a dedication.

Stories of Courage

Some Nova Scotians touched by it have shared their stories, in the hopes of inspiring others in the prevention of future tragedy.

Heather Crout, wife of Scott Clarke
Paulette Raymond, sister of Tommy Raymond
The family of Jamie Lapierre
Marilyn D'Entremont, wife of Lewis D'Entremont
Jennifer Bonin, girlfriend of Gerry Blackburn
Annette Travis, daughter of Keith (Mickey) Myles
Cheryl and Larry MacKay
Morgan Stobbe
Joe Legge

Threads of Life

Threads of life is a national charity, dedicated to supporting families touched by workplace tragedy. Learn more at, and make your plans now to participate in the Steps for Life annual fundraiser.