Employer Safety Champion

This award recognizes an employer who has demonstrated an exemplary health and safety program and proven injury prevention track record in their workplace.  A Safety Champion may be awarded in each of the four provincial regions (Cape Breton, HRM, South Shore/Valley, Central/ North Shore).

A successful occupational health and safety program demonstrates that all elements function according to fundamental rules, that analysis can be completed with a consistent auditing approach, and that each part of the overall program can be studied. 

Short -term goals are continually set and met and are seen as contributing to the higher goals of eliminating  risks to health and safety, improving the viability of the business and contributing to the well-being of anyone affected by the business operations.

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Assessment Criteria

For entry in this category, your submission must show the following:

  • Leadership commitment to workplace safety.
  • Clear and consistent safe work practices, as measured by experience relative to your industry.
  • That your safety policy and program was developed in consultation with workplace parties (eg. employees, unions, JOHS committees, etc.) and, where appropriate, with outside organizations. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to safety at all levels of the company, from the boardroom to operations. 
  • How you identify hazards and assess the risk that they may result in an injury or illness. 
  • How you consider all possible risk control measures when developing or improving the health and safety practice(s) in your workplace.  Control measures may include: 
  1. Eliminating the risk 
  2. Substitution 
  3. Engineering controls 
  4. Administrative controls 
  5. Personal protective equipment
  • How you record your health and safety work practices. 
  • How you communicate to employees about health and safety work practices.  For example, how were they trained or made aware of these practices? 
  • Beyond safety, what effect has your health and safety track record had on your business?  For example: 
  1. Productivity 
  2. Morale 
  3. Consultation
  • A copy of your organization’s occupational health and safety code of practice or program as required under Sections 27 and 28 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (if applicable). 
  • A photo of posted occupational health and safety materials in your workplace as required under Sections 9(2), 37, 38 and 39 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Award finalists may be visited by members of the judging panel to verify claims made in the proposals and gain further context.

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