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From road building to roofing and all the structures in between, construction is a major industry in Nova Scotia. It’s also one that faces many different workplace hazards.

Thanks to an ongoing focus on workplace safety from employers and workers, the number of serious injuries in the construction sector has seen a steady decline.

There were 521 time-loss injuries in construction in 2015 – down significantly, from 754 in 2010. Injuries to the back and legs are the most common injuries in the construction sector.

The construction sector’s safety improvements are outpacing the overall progress in reducing the number of workplace injuries. It is contributing to significant reductions in the cost of workplace injury insurance in the sector.

The Construction Safety Association of Nova Scotia is a strong voice for workplace safety in the province. The WCB works closely with NSCSA in helping to build a safety culture in this important industry.

Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association