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Our blog discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Fishing Safety Now: One year on

Last year, we launched the Fishing Safety Now action plan. What does it look like one year later?

Fall Federal Forum time to innovate, collaborate and share

The 2015 Fall Federal Forum brought together leaders from across the country.

Team N.S. brings home 10 medals

Team Nova Scotia brought home 10 medals at the Skills Canada National Competition.

Cheer on Team Nova Scotia at the Skills Canada Competition

Nova Scotia students and teachers are heading to Moncton for the Skills Canada National Competition.

Additional Resources Offered through as part of Workplace Safety Strategy Initiative

In partnership with CBDC Nova Scotia, the Skills and Learning Branch of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education has been facilitating continued learning for all Nova Scotia communities and workplaces through, a freely accessible online learning platform that can be found at

Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Awarded With Highest Safety Honour

Nova Scotia’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has won the Mainstay Safety Award of Excellence. Awards were presented on May 3, 2016 at the Canadian Museum of Immigration.

Workplace Safety Strategy Update: Nova Scotia shows energy and a renewed sense of commitment towards workplace safety

Just a little over three years ago, Nova Scotia’s Workplace Safety Strategy was officially launched. In the years since, significant progress has been made.

Small Business Safety Toolkit Expands to Include Incident Cost Calculator

A new resource for Nova Scotia’s employers is being introduced as part of the Workplace Safety Strategy. The Workplace Incident Cost Calculator is a tool that allows business owners to calculate the cost of workplace injuries and see first-hand the dramatic financial impact these incidents can have on their profitability.

Nova Scotia fishing group makes major investment in safety

A Nova Scotia fishing group is making a major investment in the safety, purchasing 1,038 PFDs for 519 fishermen – a purchase valued at over $230,000.

Why Education Matters

Panelists from the 2015 Leadership Matters event talk about the importance of workplace safety education.